AQAR is an online residential and commercial property management and brokerage software which lets you manage a property portfolio of any size efficiently and effectively.

We heard countless commercial and residential property owners, investors and managers tell us how fed up and frustrated they were with unreliable, slow software systems.

It was time to revolutionize property software and bring it up to speed. After an in-depth consultation and analysis process with several property experts, we developed and launched AQAR – a comprehensive yet user-friendly software system that’s both simple and efficient.

We are incredibly proud of our product also the ongoing, dedicated support and service we provide. Our user’s feedback plays a vital role in shaping the new features we add to AQAR as we constantly strive to innovate and improve.

We are working together with the real estate industry professionals to meet our customer needs and bring their business to the next level.We understand the value of your precious data hence we architect our solution to ensure your data resides at your premises.